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On Mother’s Day morning, I was reading from 2 Corinthians 9:10-12 when God spoke to me. He said, “Son, I have given you seed that I want you to sow.” I asked, “What seed is that, Lord?” He answered, “I gave you land.” I replied, “Yes, Lord, you did. What do you want me to do with it?”

It was then that He gave me a powerful vision as if I was watching a movie unfold. In the vision, dozens of disadvantaged youth were gathered in our woods and taking part in outdoor challenges centered on learning the truth of Christ. And thus, Camp Zion was born. – Righ O’Leary

Camp Zion is an outdoor experience day camp that reaches out to fatherless, underprivileged youth in East Tennessee. We also disciple youth groups and other local youth while inviting sports teams, families, and corporations to participate in Christ-centered outdoor activities. Camp Zion falls under the auspices of Feeding the Orphans, a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry that exists to be advocates for the fatherless of the world in Jesus’ name.

Camp Zion focuses on youth experience, adventure-based outdoor activities designed to instill leadership, team-building skills, and self confidence while learning essential biblical truths. Each activity throughout the day will relate directly back to Biblical principles allowing the youth to learn the TRUTH through experiential teachings.

Other activities include:

  • Father/son campouts
  • Father/daughter campouts
  • Family campouts
  • Adventure Day Camps
  • Vacation Bible School Camps
  • Paintball Course

Adventure Day Camps
Ages 5 and up
$20 each and $15 additional for siblings
Bring your own lunch and water bottle. Water is provided!
Email to register!

Summer 2017 Dates
May 25 FULL
June 6 FULL – Boys/Girls Club Lenoir City
June 7 – 17 spots left
June 13
June 15
June 26 – 10 spots left
June 27
July 6
July 10
July 11
July 13
July 19

ManUp Camp for boys ages 12 and up
Activities include the elements at Camp Zion, caving, paintball, and learning the principles for what a R.E.A.L. man of God truly is….email to register. Camp cost is $125 and includes all meals. Campers arrive at 4 pm and depart around 10 am after spending two nights. Scholarships are available.

Summer 2017 ManUpDates
June 13-15 (5 Spots left)
July 6-8 (7 spots left)
July 17-19 – FULL – THRIVE

CONTACT US if you would like to schedule your family or group to join in the fun at Camp Zion.

Camp Zion is located at 505 Cave Creek Road, Loudon, TN 37774.

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