Stories of Transformation

Ema Beach

Ema beachEma, at the age of 9, was living and sleeping on the beach, homeless and alone in Ghana’s capital city. His daily life consisted of begging for food and trying to find odd jobs so he could buy food. No school, no family, no hope for a future…until one day when God ordained our paths to cross. We were taking the children of GMI on a field day adventure to the beach, the same beach Ema called home. Our hearts were quickly drawn to this child in rags with sores all over his body. After hearing his story, we asked him if he would like to come and live at GMI where he would receive love, care, education and the knowledge of Christ. He agreed, as did the GMI Director and he has been there since September 2012. He is now going to school, reading, writing, drawing, and leading others in bible devotions. But most importantly he now has a family and a relationship with Jesus Christ.


MARVIN BECOMING A DRMarvin was sent to live in an orphanage when he was 10 years old. As a young child, Marvin dreamt of becoming a doctor, a person who could help the sick in his own country. A few years later, he came under the care of John and Irene Nyavor. At GMI, he received food and education sponsors. After years of hard work, Marvin completed Senior High School in 2012. In September 2013, he was accepted at the University in their nursing program. Today, he is working hard in his classes and clinicals to reach his dream of becoming a cardiologist.

As I was a child it was my dream to be a medical doctor specifically a cardiologist. I made a research about the number of cardiologist in Ghana and to my dismay we have only about 5 cardiologists in Ghana. Lots of people die especially in Ghana due to heart attack problems and also inadequate number of cardiologists attending to many. In mathematics, I will say one-to-many function. My biological mother died due to heart attack, this even activated me to work towards my dream as a cardiologist. After my Nursing Training I will further on that degree to become who I want to be. I want to help people with heart problems. If my biological mother was unfortunate then other parents must be unfortunate. I want to thank Daddy John and Ma Irene for allowing themselves to be used by God to revitalize hopes for the unhoped and love for the unloved. And I want to thank my sponsors for helping my dream become a reality. – Marvin Arthur, 22 years


jessica3-13Thirteen years ago, Jessica became a widow, losing her husband and becoming a single mother trying to support her children. As she cried out to God in her mourning, He promised to once again give her a smile back. She believed in that promise and trusted our God. Twelve years later, she found herself praying one day once again for God to provide for her family, to send someone to help them. Since that day, she has been sewing beautiful items for Feeding the Orphans. She is paid a fair wage and is able to support her family. As we listened to her testimony in January 2014, we were completely and utterly amazed at God’s goodness. We listened to her share the following:

This is the first time in 13 years I have been able to smile. God promised me He would give me my smile back and He did. He gave me a job with Feeding the Orphans. I used to go to bed worrying about what I would feed my kids the next day and how I would pay for them to go to school. Now I go to bed wondering if I can make the new sewing project I have been given. I SMILE IN JESUS’ NAME! – Jessica