Host a Trunk Show


Bringing Hope & Healing

Esther’s Hope is a ministry of Feeding The Orphans. This program provides single mothers with artisan training, discipleship and a marketplace to sell their products and provide for their families.

When you host an Esther’s Hope Trunk Show you bring hope and healing to the vulnerable mothers in Ghana.


Earn Free Product!

When you host a Trunk Show, you receive discounts and free product!


Here’s how:

  1. You pick the place.
  2. You pick a time.
  3. Invite some people.
  4. We send the product.
  5. After your show, simply choose your rewards and mail the remaining product and profit back to us.

What’s the impact?

  1. You help change the lives of mothers and their babies.
  2. You had a great night connecting with your friends.
  3. You had a solid excuse to eat those cute, little pastries.

If you would like to host a trunk show or just need more information, please contact us!