Director of Ministry Advancement


As many of you know, the Beebe family served alongside FTO in Ghana for two years. They lived life with the people of Ghana, they prayed with people to accept Christ, they discipled many day in and day out. The list is endless.

FTO team July 2013 with Beebes

But back in August, as they were preparing to return to Ghana after furlough, their plans were changed. God had something different in store for them.  It was not at all what they expected, but they knew it was what He had for them.


So they made plans to start life here all over again.  With so many personal decisions for them to make, they were uncertain what would be next, but they took one day at a time.  Many have walked this journey with them, prayed with them and supported them.  As a ministry, we are thankful to each of you.  And we ask that you continue to pray for them.

Reid in Ghana

However, we are excited to “formally” announce that they will continue to be a part of the ministry stateside.  God has led Reid to stay on full-time with FTO as the Director of Ministry Advancement.  As the new DMA, he has many responsibilities.  Some of them include overseeing the Forget the Frock campaign within FTO, preparing volunteers to live in Ghana, working with Child Sponsorship Coordinator to ensure all children receive a sponsor, working with our Water for Life program and much, much more.  As a small ministry the responsibilities of each person mingle together so we are thankful to have him here with us.

Reid and the first drink, Paulkrom

Please join us in welcoming him to the Stateside team!

Pastor Fred with Reid in Ningo 9:13

A new bike

Today we want to introduce you to two beautiful, precious little girls.  These two girls began their lives in Ghana both from different orphanages, but still so similar.  Now, they are both in loving families that absolutely adore them in the US and they are thriving.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.33.39 AM


Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.34.19 AM


So why are we coming to you?

Well, Afua and Sadie have the opportunity to win a new bike.  A bike that will allow them to do things they cannot do now.  And for you? Well, you can help them BOTH win one by simply clicking two links and voting for them.

Afua – Click HERE

Sadie – Click HERE

Will you join us today?

What is Forget the Frock?

What is Forget the Frock?

It is a movement started by a woman, Emily Fox, who loves Jesus and answered His call to do SOMETHING. That something was the decision to forego all the frilly frock (you know, dresses, suits, ties) that accompanied Easter attire and purchase a t-shirt that actually served a PURPOSE, a shirt that would feed a hungry child.  You can read the original story HERE.FTF-2015-WHITE

How can you help?

Gather your family and friends then go to our STORE to purchase your official Forget the Frock shirts.  OR gather your church or youth group (or any other group) to place an order together.  Click HERE for the group order forms.

Where does your money go?

All the profits from your purchase goes directly to caring for orphans.  Your tshirt provides food, water, medicine, education and most importantly, the discipleship of Jesus Christ.  At Feeding the Orphans, our ultimate goal is to spread the Gospel.  If we provide for their earthly needs, but do not tell them of our Savior then what have we done for them in the end?

We challenge you this year to make a difference by simply purchasing a tshirt.  Something so small is literally life changing for many!  If you have questions, please email Reid Beebe,


A “Christmas” blessing

On Saturday morning, we received a text from across the ocean. One that broke all of us at FTO. One that caused our hearts to open a little wider, break a little deeper and to let another little one in. One telling us a baby needed a home. A family. Safety. And comfort. And because of you (and our God who provides for every need), we were able to say yes.

You see, that morning Daddy Paul of Nyame Dua received this picture.


A baby boy abandoned at the hospital. And not placed on the front step, but literally IN the gutter. IN THE GUTTER. A tiny, precious gift from the Lord. His teenage mother (who we assume felt like she had no other option) placed him there and then left.

He was found, admitted to the hospital and spent the next five weeks being treated. Now he has a home with Daddy Paul and Lawrencia. He is cherished and loved and adored. And he will be taught of the love of our great Savior, the one who makes all things possible, the one who makes all things new.

But for our precious Yaw Bronya, which literally means “Thursday born Christmas”, the story is not over. It is just beginning. He is 15 months old, but the size of an infant. His little legs do not have the strength to bear his weight, but he’s receiving physical therapy and making progress. And his teeny body shows the severe neglect he has experienced the first year of his life. The biggest obstacle, though, is baby Yaw has a hole in his heart. Next Tuesday the 17th, he will go for an appointment to discuss surgery that will be critical for him. And we ask all of you to join us in praising God for sparing his little life and for giving him a family with Daddy Paul, Lawrencia and all the children of Nyame Dua Teshie, for his upcoming medical appointments, for his birth mother, but more than anything that God will make his heart WHOLE.


Psalm 150:6 – Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.

PS.  For those of you participating in Forget the Frock (or considering), your shirt purchase gives us the ability to say yes to emergency needs that arise.  To purchase yours, visit our STORE.

The love of Jesus……

Freeman's transformation GMI


What a difference 4 months in a loving and caring home can make. Freeman arrived at GMI just a few days before me in October. He could not speak or understand a single word of English and he never smiled. Now, just 4 months later, I can have conversations with him and he smiles often! He also just started school for the first time this term, so I’m sure only good things are to come! I’m thankful for the impact that @feedingtheorphans is making in the lives of the children here in Ghana! – Kandace Andrews, FTO volunteer

A dream of clean water

Guest blogger: Chris Ensley is the youth group leader of Marion Christian Church in Marion, Kansas.

Everyone has big dreams in their lives. Adults tend to keep these dreams to themselves or share them as something that will never happen. Kids, on the other hand, share their dreams like they expect them to happen. There is a special young lady in my youth group named Kennedy who has a dream that involves orphans on the other side of the world from her in small-town in Kansas.

photo 3

Kennedy’s dream is to personally raise $15,000 to build a water well in Ghana, Africa in order to provide clean water for orphans in remote villages. Recently Kennedy had won both the KGTC Distinguished Student Award and the Alicia J. Pippen Scholarship for her efforts to raise money through the Change For A Change fundraiser to provide clean water for orphans.

What is even more impressive, Kennedy took advantage of the spotlight of receiving these special awards, not for herself, but to promote and sell hand-made products women in Ghana made. In just two days Kennedy sold $800 of merchandise that will go directly back to the women in Ghana so they in return can care for their kids, thus preventing more orphans.


You can call me naïve, but I believe dreams can come true. I believe God has blessed Kennedy with a huge heart, sheer determination, and a great work ethic that will make Kennedy’s dream of raising money for a water well a reality.


Kennedy is an inspiration for everyone to not tuck their dreams under the pillow, but to live in a way that makes dreams possible. And God enjoys making dreams reality that involves loving and serving others. It is an honor for me to have Kennedy as a sister in Christ, in my youth group and I am a very proud Youth Pastor who is learning from this young lady’s example.

Making an Impact

Guest post: Autumn Deason just hosted an Esther’s Hope trunk show and shares her testimony and passion. A simple yet amazing way to make a powerful IMPACT!


“What an incredible experience it has been hosting a Feeding the Orphans trunk show! As the box arrived on my door step I couldn’t wait to dig in! As I started looking through the stuff and reading the stories of the women who had made each item tears streamed down my face! Not only were the stories beautiful so was all the stuff they made!  I couldn’t wait to show my friends!!  Having a trunk show gave me an opportunity to share with people my heart for orphans and widows. It also allowed me to educate people about the reality of how many orphans and widows are in Ghana and their needs.  As my friends looked through the items, reading the stories,they fell in love with this ministry and the women behind it! Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to share my heart through your ministry!”

To host a trunk show please email!




And check out our hostess gifts for October, November and December!





Please email us at AND if your church, group or family is participating this year!! Also, email us if you are interested in becoming a State/Area Coordinator. We have an awesome water bottle as a gift for joining our Advocating Team!!!



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Chris and Jessica Ensley
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River’s Edge Christian Academy – Knoxville, TN
East Cobb Christian School – GA
Marion Christian Church – Marion, KS
Quest Academy – Lenoir City, TN
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Crossroads Christian Academy – Lenoir City, TN
God’s Storehouse of Blessings – Athens, TN
KIDTOWN @ First Christian Church – Elizabethtown, KY

Flings – TN
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Starrs – IN

Eternity is Now

Guest blogger: Today’s post is the words from the heart of Andrew Glass, our new Operations Director.


To be honest when I was asked to write my testimony down I had a hard time because I feel that nothing I say can truly show you how powerful God is, how He used Africa to show me a calling & how He has changed not just my life & direction but that of my family’s as well.  It’s like trying to tell someone a funny story that happened & finally just saying, “I guess you had to be there.”


To give you the full picture let me give you a brief look into my life & where I was before the trip to Africa. Prior to Africa, I was chasing the quintessential American dream, not fulfilled in my job, asking where can I take my career, how much money can I make? I was unfulfilled spiritually, my marriage was just managing to get by at best, & my priority was checking the boxes, not my relationship with Christ. I was making time & trying to fit Him in instead of making Him a priority and seeking a true relationship with Him. The Lord & I were merely acquaintances.


But all that changed as I prepared for the trip to Africa & during Africa.  As I prepared for the trip I began to pray diligently for the Lord to meet me, to give me dreams & visions & to show me His true purpose for my life. I knew that I had grown lazy in my spiritual life. I began to seek His face & guidance in not only the preparation for the trip, but for my life. My prayer time grew because I was intentional & so did my daily walk & relationship with my Lord.


During the trip it was like a breath of fresh air to be around like minded people who had similar desires as we continued to seek Him, His will, & His help as we dealt with spiritual warfare. I began to seek the Holy Spirit & began to see Him move in ways I hadn’t even imagined. His presence was with us daily. Operating in the presence of the Lord is why we were created. Time does not carry weight in the Lord’s presence because we do not worry. Energy levels were always high. This presence was the only thing that mattered, and by operating in His presence we are able to glorify the Lord.


As I sat in church with the people of Ghana I watched & participated in worship while they danced & sang joyfully to the Lord, God broke my heart as I wept for the lost.  Eight or nine people gave their heart over to the Lord in a service that we were able to attend; there hadn’t been a regular service in this village in months. We were able to pray over them and eventually give the new believers Bibles translated into their local dialect. Also, later on in the week we gathered the villagers together, prayed and danced around the school in a dedication ceremony, handed out donated clothes to people and eventually distributed food that we had taken up a collection of our own money for. Being rushed by people for a bowl of rice, a can of sardines, a can of tomato paste, and a loaf of bread EQUALS a life changing experience.

guys in ghana

I was challenged to do more. I wanted to share Jesus Christ more & to care for people & serve more. I knew if they experienced His presence, too, that they would see that having a relationship with Him is the main thing.


Since returning from Africa I have been striving to seek the Lord daily & to take my prayer life to a priority; to a level of conversation. Why was I content only praying when I needed something before? It seems a simple understanding that as Christians, we would seek to know the Lord’s face. Somehow, in this American life we have managed to complicate everything. There is much to be said in the Bible about keeping our focus singular and simple. Focus on knowing God. Who he is. Having a relationship with our Father. Looking back at the trip, I can see why God was so evident to us; because we sought him daily, our Focus was on serving Him. Our thoughts were on his presence, His Will, and glorifying him with all of our actions.


I have seen a change in my marriage to a more unified, God glorifying marriage. I can look back and see God weaving our desires & directions together.  After sharing with my wife the Goodness of the Lord and the Realness of his presence, the power of the Holy Spirt, she too wanted to know him more. My wife prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit & has begun to seek God as never before. It’s amazingly clear to me now how important our relationship with the Lord is to our lives. Do we truly seek him daily? Is He our priority? We would all answer a questionnaire of what our priorities are in our life by listing God first, our wives second, families third, and so on…….but when we reality checked ourselves, we knew that wasn’t true.


As I sought God on the plane during our return trip, He spoke to me about releasing my security blankets. Where was I really putting my trust? In my job?  In my income? In my 401K?  In my mutual funds? I couldn’t help but cry out to the Lord for Him to use me to His fullest extent, use my life for his will and to allow me to see his face forever and always.


We prayed for God to reveal His will for our lives as I knew He was calling me to do more & feel He is calling me to a full time position working with Feeding the Orphans. I have stepped up my leadership for my family and turned off the TV.  I am having more focused conversations, praying together, and eating dinner together as a family.


I want to share some final thoughts with you:

I went to Africa looking at what I could gain backwards. Telling myself that I hoped through my service that I would meet God there and become closer to Him in relationship. While that happened, it is only because of God’s Grace and answered prayers. But I believe the following quote is the correct Biblical principal-

“We have to let the service be the consequence of our communion with God, instead of hoping that Communion will be the consequence of our service.”

andrew and moses

What is the moral of my testimony? If you need a good cry, go on a mission trip? NO.


It’s simply this: ETERNITY IS NOW.

So I want to challenge you to do something! If you truly believe that your ticket has been punched to spend eternity with God in heaven then why are you not doing more to lend yourself to His service now?

Faith without works is dead.


Join us in welcoming Andrew Glass as FTO’s new Operations Director.  He and his wife, Amy, have answered the call of the Lord for him to leave his corporate job and volunteer full-time with FTO.



Learning to Live by Faith, Not by Sight

Guest blogger:  In December, Will and Katy Suppes flew across the ocean to serve in Ghana on a 10 day mission trip. They chose to spend their Christmas holiday loving on the least of these and sharing the love of our Jesus Christ.  Now, here are Katy’s words about where God is leading them next….may His Name always be glorified.
In January, I did what most people in the world do. I reflected on the past year, and made some goals for the new year. Although, this year I didn’t end up making any goals. I wrote down the way I want to live, not what I want in life. I had no idea what 2014 would bring for us. Planning was futile, and honestly felt pretty silly.
I want to be the type of person who wakes up ready for what the day has to offer. I want to be the type of person who lives by faith, and not by sight. I want to be the person who runs headlong into adventure. I want to live without fear. I want to feel true joy.
On April 26th, I woke up to the sound of my husband crying. Nay, sobbing. Let’s be clear, I’ve seen this man cry twice in 11 years. For the first few seconds, I thought I should just pretend I’m still asleep so I can avert this soon to be awkward conversation. “Ummm…you ok?” ….silence… Alright, we’re off to a good start. The silence finally broke when he said, “God spoke to me. He told me we need to be in Africa.” And just like that, as clear as a friend sitting next to you chatting away, God can speak. And it’s powerful. And it prompts you to move. Well, maybe not right away. My first thoughts were “Great – wait, this is a big change – no, we can do this – I love this – we have to raise money – not sure about this anymore – but, I love Africa – didn’t I vow to live by faith – get ahold of yourself, lady.” I started logically going through scenarios and plans and the ‘how is this going to fit into our life’ thoughts. I was quickly reminded, I’m not in control.
IMG_6959 - Version 2
In May, Feeding the Orphans posted an open position located in Ghana. I said, “Let me simply email to check it out.” Doors kept opening and everything was falling into place, and we soon we agreed it was time to take the leap. We are officially moving to Africa in October 2014. Like most things in life, you never really know how it will work, you just trust that it is meant to be. There is not a doubt in my mind this is meant to be, whatever that means.  God, bring on the miracles!
2 Corinthians 5:17 – we live by faith, not by sight.
Join the journey of Will and Katy as they depart their American life on October 1, 2014 to join FTO as West Africa Program Directors.  They will oversee our sponsorship program in addition to family preservation and our Esther’s Hope.  We are excited to have them join our team and to see the impact our God will make on them AND the people of Ghana.