Update for: A Christmas for the orphans

Thank you all so much for sponsoring children for Christmas!!! You helped us reach our goal of sponsoring 80 children.  Because of the great response from each of you we have prayed and we know God wants each child to celebrate the birth of Christ.  YOU are changing their lives!!!

We have raised enough money for two of the orphanages to have Christmas.   However, we know countless children that will not get Christmas this year.  We are trying to change that, but we can’t do that without you.  Will YOU sponsor a child for Christmas this year??? For just $20 you can provide  a new African dress for the girls or a new African shirt for the boys, a Christmas meal and the LOVE OF JESUS.  Please make a difference in just one child’s life today.  When you sonsor a child for Christmas you will recieve a notecard and a picture after Christmas.

I was reminded earlier today that the only reason we do this is because of Jesus.  Anyone can help hurting people, feed kids, provide clean water and medical supplies, but if you’re not doing it in Jesus’ name what’s the point of even doing it?


For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given:and the goverment shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6









Guess where I am…

I’m sitting here in Ghana about to pop i’m so excited!!!  Today we arrived in Ghana, then we went to our hotel got settled in, then someone brought my brothers to us, we headed off to GMI Ghana so another friend with us could meet her kids and from there, we went to Southern Fried Chicken (Food is so good!), we went back to the hotel to hang out.  Tomorrow we hope to visit a few of the orphanages, but we only want to do what God wants us to do.  I am so excited to be back in the country I fell in love with.  I’ve missed everyone so much! To see our in country volunteer wave at us from across the Airport made my day! 🙂 (We are so excited to be in Ghana with Emily Marshall!!!).  God has blessed me with the most amazing brothers in the world.  We are enjoying them so much!!!  To walk into one of the orphanages and have the kids running around and laughing made my heart happy.  I was so excited when I finally got to hug all of God’s precious children.  Will try to post pics later, but for now i’m off to bed.  🙂 Please keep us in your prayers!  Thanks!!!


I am sure all of you have heard that Christ Outreach got flooded and lost everything last week.  The  orphanage had been out of food and water and some of the kids were sleeping on the concrete floors.  People are stepping up to help them.  It is so sad and we want to help them, too.  I challenge you on Wednesday to not eat lunch and donate the money you would use for lunch to the kids so we can purchase food and water for them.  I also challenge you on Friday to eat beans and rice as a family for dinner.  The kids eat beans and rice almost every day and they might go days without eating, but we want to change that.  We are partnering with Compassionate Journeys so we can make sure they have enough food and water until the orphanage is back on its feet.  Their director is going to be in Ghana for the next two months which will be a tremendous help.


You can donate here.  Please pray about helping these kids.  They have been through so much.  Even a little is a lot.  You could be such a blessing to the kids.  You just have to step up.  Will you???


Christ Outreach Orphanage

One of the orphanages got flooded last night at 2:00 am. The kids have been safely evacuated, but we have been told their beds and all of their supplies might be ruined. Please pray for them! If God is telling you to do something, please let us know. We are trying to figure out what to do, but please pray with us for the children and workers.  They are trying to get the water out of the dorms. I am just so glad that God protected the children and workers.  The home has no food or water and the whole community is flooded so we are trying to figure out how to deliver food to them.

If you want to make a donation straight to the orphanage, please click this link.  We will keep you updated as we learn more.



Pictures taken from the Facebook page of Christ Outreach Orphanage Ghana.  A friend of ours, who has a close relationship with this orphanage will be arriving there next week.  We will update everyone as she updates their needs. 



Change for a Change

Orphan Sunday is just two weeks away.  It’s not too late to collect coins for clean water.  All you have to do is get a water bottle or bucket and fill it up with coins.  Make sure you turn the money in by November, 14.  All of the coins will go towards drilling wells in Ghana West, Africa.  How would you feel if you had to get up and walk miles to get water and you wouldn’t get to go to school?  That is what these kids have to do every day.  Will YOU help me change that??? Will YOU help me change kid’s lives??? Will YOU help me save these kids lives by giving them clean water???