Family Style Homes

God is doing so much in West Africa and Feeding the Orphans and YOU are the ones that make it possible. You believe in this ministry and you partner with us as we work together to literally change the lives of thousands. Babies are not sacrificed to false gods, little ones are no longer starving, children are going to school, youth are attending college and mothers are able to care for their children. But most importantly, they are experiencing the love of our Savior day in and day out as their bellies are full and their minds are expanding. From the bottom of our hearts AND theirs, thank you. Thank you for helping change the world ONE child at a time.

As many of you know, FTO partners with several children’s homes in Ghana and Togo. Our first desire is for these children to be reunified with birth families and extended families when possible and we are working to make this a reality. Unfortunately, many times it is an impossibility and we need an alternative. This alternative is a community full of family style homes that will provide a father and mother to a smaller number of children per house.

We are currently in the process of building this community village in the area of Dodowa outside of Accra. It is a beautiful area nestled near mountains that is the perfect setting for raising a family. But we need YOU. The children need YOU to make this happen. As of now, the children are living in a rental house where the rent will be due again in March 2018. However, our goal is to raise enough money to construct the homes in the village where we will no longer need to pay rent. This is a big goal, but we serve a BIG God.

Will you partner with us as we transition them into homes with approximately 8-10 children and house parents in each house?

Phase   Target Dates            Project Cost
1        December 1, 2017     Complete 2 family style homes $50,000
2        February 1, 2018     Complete 2 more family style homes $50,000
3        April 1, 2018            Complete community building and one more home $50,000
4        June 1, 2018             Soccer field and veg. gardens $5,000

Will you be a part of transforming the lives of the children of GMI? Will you help us build homes just like yours and ours where they can grow up with a set of parents and fewer kids? Will you invest in the future of these little ones as they dream of becoming doctors and lawyers and nurses and teachers?

Much love,

Founder, Feeding the Orphans

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