Expecting the Unexpected

Who would have imagined that at the end of a dark and murky stream of water we would find evangelism. We never dreamed that the task of purifying water would lead us to the task of purifying hearts in such an impactful way.


That stream of murky water took us to the village of Bodada in 2014, a place desperate for fresh clean water. Clean water, an offering we could bring, thanks to funds from our Change for a Change campaign. Clean water for the people of Bodada soon became a reality. Fresh clean water and a church hungry to make disciples. These were what FTO humbly brought to Bodada.


After two years of ministering to the people of Bodada, this summer, during a medical mission trip, we realized God was making a way for our simple water well to erode the hearts of many and make way for the true Living Water in areas beyond Bodada.


Just a few short miles beyond the blessed borders of Bodada, sits a village captive to thoughts and religion as dark and murky as the water that once ran through the people of Bodada. A village named Jasikan.


Jasikan, devoid of the hope or healing that we know to be our Savior, Jesus Christ, desperately needed a church. As soon as our team learned of Jasikan, we knew this was God paving the way. Together with our in-country partners we began dreaming and planning for the day God would use our team and the Change for a Change campaign to erode the murky hearts that had settled there.


Now, just a few short months later we are so thrilled to tell you that because of our Change for a Change commitment in Bodada, God has opened doors in the neighboring Jasikan for FTO to change hearts. Pastor Fred, our in-country minister has worked diligently to train up 12 young men and women to begin this much needed church plant. The very children that FTO rescued from the darkness, the murkiness, are now the ones to bring light to the village of Jasikan!


Together we are bringing clean water and eroding hardened hearts. Will you let your spare change, change lives?

Need more information on our Change for a Change campaign and how to get your family, friends, church, organization involved? Learn more HERE.

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