A Mighty Warrior

His entire body shook as he breathed. Weak and frail this precious six pound tiny baby was facing death.

There in the quiet room, holding a dying baby our Founder, Sydney, cried out. Over and over she begged our Creator.

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“God give him strength, heal his body.  Let him know he is loved.”

As the child’s grandmother leaned in and whispered to Sydney, asking her to name this precious child, God himself whispered to Sydney. Samson. His name was to be Samson, a mighty warrior for Jesus.

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What a different six months made in the life of this little warrior. Just a mere six months in our sponsorship program and Samson has totally transformed physically. He is healthy, even chunky with baby rolls! God took a story full of despair and turned it into one full of hope and love. This little guy is living with his grandma and is so very loved and adored. Because of you Samson has a future, he can truly be a warrior for the Kingdom and his grandmother doesn’t have to bury her grandchild. Sponsorship literally changes lives. Head over to our website to see how you can be a part of a child’s life.

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