A Christmas Blessing

Abandoned in a gutter on Christmas morning this tiny little angel was so very small and so very sick when he arrived at Nyame Dua. Yaw Christmas, would become his name and this sweet precious child literally had a broken heart, a tiny little hole that would leave doctors confused and unsure of what to do.

baby Yaw - ND

But God knew what to do. He sent a team of caregivers, a host of sponsors and an incredible army of Forget The Frock T-shirt wearers to change his life. Through this love and financial support this abandoned child is now flourishing and filled with love.

baby Yaw Bronya - ND

Because of you and your support FTO is able to step in and make a way when there seems like all hope is lost. We are able to provide food, medical care even physical therapy. But most of all we are able to share the good news of Jesus Christ, because His love makes us all whole.

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