A New Beginning

It was there in the dusty African dirt, still new to our Director Kristie’s senses, that we met her.

A beautiful, yet oh so weary, mother of four precious children, Mary. Her face burdened with hurt and heartbreak, tears fell as she began to share her story with us. Through the tears and long pauses and words weighted with grief she explained that she was making a decision to give up her oldest sons in hopes to, at the very least, still be able to be a mother to her youngest son and daughter.

Unable to feed them, unable to clothe them and certainly unable to educate them she felt trapped. Out of options, she was making the best choice she could. She was choosing to give up her very own children, her babies, her blessings.

That day our Director listened to Mary’s words. Her mother’s heart resonating with every heartbreak, every hope and every fear Mary shared. Then, Kristie whispered these simple words, “Let us help you.”

Pieces fell into place, God moved in mighty ways and YOU brought life and love and renewal to Mary and her children through your generous sponsorships. But the sponsorships could only take Mary so far. This is a fiercely independent woman who longed to provide for her beautiful family. But, the ups and downs of inconsistent jobs left her with little stability to offer her children.

All the while God was moving again in the heart of our Director, Kristie and the vision of Esther’s Hope became reality. Kristie knew instantly this unique employment program could empower Mary to be the mother she dreamed of being.

A quick learner and with a passion to provide, Mary quickly became one of the most skilled artisans at Esther’s Hope. Do you know what that simple little job gave Mary? It gave her hope. Just months after becoming a team member at Esther’s Hope, Mary was able to install electricity in her home! A light bulb that represents so much more. It shows us that God can provide a way in the very darkest of situations.

Meet Mary and her crew. Graduates of our Feeding The Orphans sponsorship program and now 100% self-supported through her employment with Esther’s Hope.

Mary and her kids

As we celebrate 6 years at FTO we want you to see what your support does. This is real life change. Mamas keeping their babies.


  1. God Bless you FTO and all who give to you all, I pray I can give to you in the very near future!!

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