Into the Light

As we celebrate six years at FTO we want to spend time sharing stories of transformation with you. Today, we want you to meet Benjamin and hear the story of impact YOU have helped make on his life.

Left without a father and with a bull’s eye on his back, young Benjamin fell into a dark and destructive life.  Demon possessed and performing unthinkable jobs, it was Benjamin that the village people knew had the assigned task of carrying out the Ningo Chief’s unimaginable sacrifice ceremonies. The screams and cries of the sacrifices did nothing to penetrate his soul.

An unspeakable trance his mother was concerned could never be broken, she did the only thing she knew to do. She snuck into the fishing village and offered to sell her son into a life of slavery in hopes this would, at the very least, rescue him from the downward spiral of darkness that was his life.

A life where slavery was the better option.

Then, God moved.

Our beloved Pastor Fred was notified of the story and he knew God was calling him to be part of Benjamin’s rescue plan. Pastor Fred made his way to the fishing village and rescued Benjamin. Together the two sought help from The Lord and soon Ben was delivered from procession and no longer a slave.

No longer a slave to fisherman. No longer a slave to the darkness. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.12.08 PM

This once dedicated sacrifice assistant now assists with baptisms at The Lord’s church in Ningo. Benjamin follows Christ with his whole heart and he has been made whole again.

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Did you participate in Forget The Frock? – Funds from t-shirt sales supported Benjamin for driving school. He completed his training and received his license! He is now the official driver for our partner ministry in Ningo- The Palace Chapel International.

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