FTO Turns 6

6 years ago today (April 30)  God broke my heart for the orphans. He called me to feed, educate, provide medical care and clean water to the orphans of Africa. He called me to be his “mailman” and take the good news of Christ everywhere. He called me to love.


6 years ago when He told me to design a shirt and raise money for the orphans I couldn’t wait to make a little bit of a difference. I never thought that it would grow to be what it is today. It blows me away. FTO has assisted more than 19,500 people in Ghana and Togo. More than 10,300 people now have access to clean water. 10 single mommas are now employed so they can keep their kids. 42 villages have been served and brought the love and saving power of Jesus. 1 school in Ghana has been built. Countless kids now have full bellies, clean water, the opportunity to attend school and most importantly they have Jesus.


As I think back to my first trip to Ghana and meeting the kids my heart swells and I become so thankful that God chose me for this journey. I remember stepping off that plane and the moment my feet touched that African soil for the first time. It immediately stained my clothes and my heart. I remember meeting the kids and how they stole my heart the minute I hugged them. I remember holding deathly sick babies and pleading with God to heal them.  I remember introducing the kids to bubbles and hearing them laugh so hard. I remember walking the dirt streets seeing utter poverty and how it broke my heart. I remember praying over little ones and kissing their heads as they went to sleep. I remember dancing and singing our hearts out. I remember waking up in the mornings and hearing the kids at my door saying “Mommy Sydney” over and over and then rushing to get new clothes on so I could go hug them all. I remember the moment that I sat holding a little one as the sun went down and knowing that this place would always hold a piece of my heart. 6 years ago today Jesus completely changed my life and I am so thankful He did. Its been a crazy journey and it’s only the beginning. 

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You have been on this journey with me from the beginning. You bought that very first shirt. You prayed. You donated. You have been here. And today we launch our 6 year anniversary shirt,


“I am ONE in a LONG LINE of many who choose to follow”

because at the end of the day “Faith without works is dead – James 2:17″. Click HERE  and be ONE today (limited stock on our new shirt!!) ‪#‎iamone‬ ‪#‎countmein‬ ‪#‎iaminlinetoo‬ ‪#‎areyouinline‬


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