Going where He leads…

In August 2015 we walked into a hospital to visit a little boy we were providing medical care to. Little did we know that it would turn into something so much bigger. That day we were introduced to two precious babies. First they led us into the baby ward and we met baby Daniel and his 18 year old mother Bertha. Daniel had been in the hospital 5 months and couldn’t breathe on his own. We were told he has cysts in his lungs that needed immediate surgery so he could breathe normally. That day we placed hands on that precious baby and his mother and pleaded with God to heal him. Two weeks later we got news that he was being discharged and was off oxygen. We were overjoyed at his progress and thanked God. However, the cysts in his lungs have gotten bigger and he will still need surgery. He is currently living in the village with his momma awaiting surgery and we praise God that he is off oxygen and able to do that.image1 The doctor said I have one more baby I want you to meet before you go. He led us into this tiny room that was probably the size of a bathroom here in America and in the corner in a little hospital bassinet laid a precious 8 month old baby boy. Baby December was abandoned at birth because of his cleft lip and weighed only 6 pounds. He was the most precious baby boy I’ve ever seen. The doctor explained how he needed surgery to fix his cleft lip because he had a lot of trouble eating and he needed it asap. We spent about 10 minutes rubbing his hands, telling him how much he was loved and praying over him but then we had to move on. Walking into that room and seeing that baby just laying there all alone and then having to leave him like that was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.image1 We arrived back in America and he never left my mind. I would find myself praying for him throughout the day and staring at his picture. A couple weeks later we found someone to do the surgery but first he had to gain weight. So for weeks we prayed hard that he would gain the weight necessary for surgery and he was making progress. We planned on me traveling over before his surgery to be with him during and after as he recovered. Then on October 25th we got the heart wrenching news that our precious baby boy had gone to be with Jesus. That day was one of the hardest days of my life but I knew God had a bigger and better plan so I clung to that hope and sure enough He had the biggest and best plan in the making. In January God whispered that it was time for me to go back to Ghana and that He had big plans. He told me it was time for a new partnership to help with abandoned babies and families that can’t afford medical care in that same hospital where the babies were. So in faith Dad and I booked our flight and were off. We traveled to Ho and met with the amazing doctor at the hospital and shared our hearts and what we felt like God was telling us to do. The doctor did the same with us and the partnership was set. We currently have two little guys in our program. Baby Daniel who is getting closer to finally receiving his surgery and a little guy who has a heart defect and will also need surgery. Our goal in the near future is to build a “Ronald McDonald” house for mothers whose kiddos are receiving medical care and also a home for the abandoned babies so they have a safe and loving environment to grow in. We are beyond excited to watch all of this play out and can’t wait to see what God will do.Ho hospital Precious Baby December you changed my life and so many more while you were here on earth and you continue to do so. Baby boy dance with Jesus and know how very much you are loved. IMG_0236


  1. Scarlett Cornell says:

    May God continue to bless your work with these sweet babies!

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