Into the darkness…

The sun beats down on the village of Ningo on the outskirts of Ghana… penetrates the buildings and the people. For these people,


the sun and the heat doesn’t phase them. They are here, all gathered, hundreds of them, because today is a special day.

You see, for years this scorching sun could not burn through the darkness that settled itself in the village, thick and suffocating. This darkness that claims hearts and heads and in its heaviest moments claims the lives of young babies, sacrificed to honor fake gods and idols of man. But today…

Today, the SON has invaded the darkness.


The SON, Jesus Christ has entered into this village and things are changing.

Despair is being defeated by hope.
Depravity is being devoured by opportunity.
Child sacrifices are being replaced with child dedications.

Parents dedicated to raising their child for a life lived in honor of Jesus.

Righ and baby Evelyn

Meet Evelyn, her parents now known as Deacon Josiah and Rejoice, have stepped out in faith, dedicated her to the Lord. Our Feeding The Orphans team was there to celebrate with them on this special day.

For the past three years Feeding The Orphans has invested in the people of Ningo and we have been so blessed to battle the darkness that is here. This darkness rages on even now and we are fighting it with the Son. Together with Pastor Fred we have watched God grow this group of believers from a mere 12 people to over 200 faithful followers. A community of people clinging to the hope of Jesus.


We know that Darkness can be defeated by the SON.

We are so thankful for each of you who join us as we minister to the people of Ningo. When you choose to “Finish For One” this Summer, you are finishing for children just like Evelyn. That they may receive not only things to meet their physical needs, but the one true thing that can quench the needs of their heart. YOU become weapons battling against this darkness. Because of you and your support, Feeding The Orphans can bring the Son to this, one of the darkest of places. The children won’t have to be devoured by the darkness they can be dedication to the Savior.


Will you finish for the village of Ningo and her children this Summer? Register to #finish4one here!

John 1:5 – The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

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