Reaching across the globe….

Right now in Ghana, in the small village of Hodzo there is a school filled with smiling children and stocked with school supplies. These supplies, such a simple thing for most children here in the United States, are a true treasure to the children and teachers in Hodzo. But, the story of how these supplies came to the children and teachers of Hodzo make them all the more special.

In wasn’t a grant or even the sacrificial gift of a donor that made these supplies possible. It was the huge giving hearts of students at Walnut Hill Elementary in Liberty, KY. Last year, the students at WHE spent weeks collecting school supplies for Feeding The Orphans and the children of Hodzo. The support of Feeding The Orphans didn’t stop when the collection ended. Many of the teachers at WHE also supported FTO during the Forget The Frock campaign. Recently, Feeding The Orphans, Founder, Sydney O’Leary and Forget The Frock, Founder, Emily Fox were able to visit WHE and share with them the impact they had on children across the globe!

Hodzo - FTF

“WHE wants to thank both these amazing young women for coming and sharing with our students how they chose to make the world a better place. Thank you!” – Matt Willoughby, Assistant Principal

Making a difference doesn’t always mean you travel to the other side of the world.

Sometimes, helping can be as simple as collecting.

We are so thankful to WHE and their ongoing support of Feeding The Orphans. If you or your organization would like to explore ways to partner with FTO simply email us! Let’s partner to care for children.

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