A “Christmas” blessing

On Saturday morning, we received a text from across the ocean. One that broke all of us at FTO. One that caused our hearts to open a little wider, break a little deeper and to let another little one in. One telling us a baby needed a home. A family. Safety. And comfort. And because of you (and our God who provides for every need), we were able to say yes.

You see, that morning Daddy Paul of Nyame Dua received this picture.


A baby boy abandoned at the hospital. And not placed on the front step, but literally IN the gutter. IN THE GUTTER. A tiny, precious gift from the Lord. His teenage mother (who we assume felt like she had no other option) placed him there and then left.

He was found, admitted to the hospital and spent the next five weeks being treated. Now he has a home with Daddy Paul and Lawrencia. He is cherished and loved and adored. And he will be taught of the love of our great Savior, the one who makes all things possible, the one who makes all things new.

But for our precious Yaw Bronya, which literally means “Thursday born Christmas”, the story is not over. It is just beginning. He is 15 months old, but the size of an infant. His little legs do not have the strength to bear his weight, but he’s receiving physical therapy and making progress. And his teeny body shows the severe neglect he has experienced the first year of his life. The biggest obstacle, though, is baby Yaw has a hole in his heart. Next Tuesday the 17th, he will go for an appointment to discuss surgery that will be critical for him. And we ask all of you to join us in praising God for sparing his little life and for giving him a family with Daddy Paul, Lawrencia and all the children of Nyame Dua Teshie, for his upcoming medical appointments, for his birth mother, but more than anything that God will make his heart WHOLE.


Psalm 150:6 – Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.

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