Making an Impact

Guest post: Autumn Deason just hosted an Esther’s Hope trunk show and shares her testimony and passion. A simple yet amazing way to make a powerful IMPACT!


“What an incredible experience it has been hosting a Feeding the Orphans trunk show! As the box arrived on my door step I couldn’t wait to dig in! As I started looking through the stuff and reading the stories of the women who had made each item tears streamed down my face! Not only were the stories beautiful so was all the stuff they made!  I couldn’t wait to show my friends!!  Having a trunk show gave me an opportunity to share with people my heart for orphans and widows. It also allowed me to educate people about the reality of how many orphans and widows are in Ghana and their needs.  As my friends looked through the items, reading the stories,they fell in love with this ministry and the women behind it! Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to share my heart through your ministry!”

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