40×400 – Let’s celebrate 4 years with a big dream!

Guest blogger:  Emily Fox
We did it, our kids are doing it… they sit in rows of desks or around a classroom table and DREAM. Our children dream of becoming teachers or doctors or firefighters or maybe right now it’s simply a dream of being the next superman, throwing on a cape and saving the world.  As parents we dream big dreams for our children, we dream they will leave their mark on the world and leave it a little better than they found it.
Do you know why we dream? BECAUSE WE CAN.  
We dream because we’ve been encouraged to dream. Because throughout our school years teachers, principals, parents and friends have asked us “What do you want to do when you grow up?”
We dream because WE CAN. Because we have HOPE.
What would life look like if we hadn’t been encouraged to dream? What would our outlook on life be had no one encouraged us to dream big dreams? What would we do if we had no hope, no education, no encouragement, to strive, to achieve. Where would we be? What would our life and our future look like?
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Right now there are countless children in the village of Hondzo that need to dream. They need to be educated, encouraged and inspired. They need to be told they can dream big dreams and leave their world a better place.
Four years ago God placed a big dream in the heart of one little girl that would forever change lives, forever heal hearts, forever make an impact. That dream became FTO.
This year for FTO’s 4th birthday we want to use Sydney’s dream to give the children of Hondzo a chance to dream! We want to provide the space for the children of Hondzo to learn, be encouraged to dream and achieve big dreams!
Let’s celebrate. Let’s embrace a really big dream. Let’s totally change the lives of some 100 children in the village of Hondzo. Let’s build a school together and give them a chance to DREAM.
To make this dream a reality we are asking 400 of you to give just $40. Together we can achieve this dream. We can educate and inspire the children of Hondzo.
$40. So simple. So doable. So much impact.
4 years. 4 YEARS! Let’s celebrate 4 years with a FOREVER IMPACT. Will you dream big dreams with us? Will you join us? Let’s build school together!
Looking for a great end-of-the year teacher gift? Why not allow your teacher to be a part of teaching others, inspiring the next generation of Hondzo children? GIVE a $40 donation in honor of your children’s teachers and we will email you a certificate to present to your teachers thanking them for being part of this big dream!  
Want to know the specifics?
The Hondzo School Project total costs will be $16,000. This will provide a block school building (120’ long x 28’ wide) with 6 classrooms! FTO hired 3 teachers in the village of Hondzo last year and they are currently teaching 35 students in a very rudimentary structure that simply cannot house the 70 other potential students from the village of Hondzo and the countless others in nearby villages that we anticipate reaching.
Click GIVE and designate GENERAL FUND and put HONDZO SCHOOL in the memo line.  Thank you for changing the life of ONE!!!



  1. Brenda Ochs says:

    I would like to contribute as I have met many of these darling children. The day I met them I gave them hugs and they sang for me in English . Wben the Ochs girls got back to the school they all played clapping games and had a wonderful time. These children deserve to dream as much as we do.
    Kristie, I will send a check once we return home as I didn’t bring any checks with me. Please forgive me?

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