Giving the gift of life…

Imagine them all gathered around the tree… Your family. Each with a twinkle in their eye knowing something is different about this Christmas. Very different. You tucked away some of that tinsel… Put out a few less presents… You’ve traded the Christmas frenzy for Christ’s Kingdom.

This can be your chance. Together you… your children maybe even your grandchildren can use THIS Christmas to build CHRIST’S Kingdom.

Here is your chance. Your chance to do Christmas a little different. Go gather the family around the dinner table or maybe even around the computer and begin a little building project for the Kingdom.

Flip through the pages of the FTO Christmas Catalog… See where HE is calling YOU to build His Kingdom.

Life-saving vaccinations… Fresh clean water… A safe home for children in Ghana… His Children.

Turn the pages slowly… Listen closely… How is HE leading you?

Then do it. Accept the challenge to trade the frenzy for the Kingdom… Knowing THIS Christmas will be different.  This Christmas your family had Kingdom impact.

Ready to build the Kingdom this Christmas?  Click CHRISTMAS CATALOG to change a life.

Matthew 25:40 – Whatever you do unto the least of these, you do unto me. 

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