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Guest blogger: Today’s blogger is a young lady from Marion, Kansas.  We (the O’Leary family) met her in the summer of 2012 at a youth camp.  In the spring of 2013 her youth group spent a week serving with FTO and helping us build Camp Zion to reach youth domestically.  Just a few short months later, she boarded a plane bound for Ghana, Africa to serve for two months at Great Mission International.  If you are interested in serving with us domestically or internationally, please CONTACT US.  

Serving with Feeding the Orphans has been both one of the biggest blessings and one of the biggest struggles in my life. Just like anything else in life, I had to be totally reliant on God and have total faith in him. I have had the pleasure of seeing both sides of FTO. I have worked with them both stateside and in Ghana.

I am a very plan oriented person. I like having a schedule and knowing what comes next. When working in the mission field, I have learned, plans do not always go as you would expect or like. This was the case many times throughout my service with Feeding the Orphans. Righ and Kristie O’Leary have a very prominent belief that everything happens for a reason and that if you have faith, God has a purpose for everything that happens. I loved this! It made me reach outside my comfort zone and fully rely on God. I have always been about plans being made perfect in my eyes and through working with FTO I have learned that sometimes our plans need to fall apart to make room for God’s perfect plan to take effect.

I served with Feeding the Orphans in Tennessee over spring break of my senior year with my home church’s youth group. We went down and just did what ever FTO needed done and what ever God laid before us. We helped build Camp Zion, we served widows in Knoxville, and we did some work with two inner-city families. During this time I really felt my heart for missions and my heart for those who need help, just grow immensely.

The summer after I graduated I went to Ghana and stayed in an orphanage full of kids from the ages of 6mos – 22 years old. I truly got to pour my heart into them and show them Jesus’ love. My life was shaken. I saw true poverty, suffering, and need; but I also saw so much love and faith in those children’s eyes. My faith in God grew so much that summer.

I love the Feeding the Orphans organization and the family behind it. Their faith in God is such an inspiration. While I was in Ghana, they were a huge support system and they made sure I knew they were there for me whenever I needed them. They were there every step of the way. I am so blessed that God brought us together and that I can keep ministering with them!

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