A difference in hosting

Guest blogger: Today’s blog post is written by Joscelyn Smith of Kentucky. We are so very thankful for her heart for the women and children of Ghana and for hosting two PARTIES WITH A PURPOSE.  More than that, we are thankful for her obedience to do just what our God was asking of her.  It only takes a simple YES!

To say that God has laid the O’Leary Family and Feeding the Orphans organization on my heart would be an understatement.  I think of Sydney when she was just 7 years old and the fact that God used her to start such an awesome organization.  What amazes me more is that fact that HE started the whole thing with two simple things; a young girl’s broken heart for the fatherless and her obedience to say that she would do what she could to make a difference.   The impact that this girl and her family have made on the women and children of Ghana and what they have done from having faith and obedience to our Heavenly Father is astounding to me.

When God first laid FTO on my heart I felt him gently tugging saying “pay attention there is more out there then just you and your problems”.   God had done a lot of work in my life and it was time I widened my view and started looking outside myself to see what I can do for God and HIS kingdom.  It was at this point I started feeling led to FTO and eventually to Party with a Purpose.  From that point God has not just tugged on my heart but completely broken it for this family and the organization God started through them.

I started visiting the Feeding the Orphans website and looking at the possibilities of becoming involved.  I wondered if God wanted us to sponsor a child, however my husband and I were not in a position financially to do so.  I wondered if maybe I was just supposed to pray for this organization and the people they worked with.  I felt a little let down, thinking to myself ok God you led me to this organization and I’m feeling like I don’t fit in anywhere.  I am a stay at home mom whose limited in time and finances, what in the world can I do?  Then one day I was looking at facebook and I saw a post by the Feeding the Orphans page and it was asking if anyone would like to host a Party with a Purpose.  I was ecstatic, this is something I can do, I sent a message asking for more information and shortly had my first party scheduled.

After the first party I was hooked!  I was so excited God was using me!  The first party I hosted raised about $600.00 and I was bound and determined to do more.  I wanted everyone I knew to host, I mean really have a party with your friends, buy awesome merchandise and support single mommas in Ghana at the same time.  I’m not sure that it gets any easier and yet God uses the simplicity of Party with a Purpose to love on single moms and further HIS kingdom!  In the past 8 months I have hosted two parties one in my parents’ home and one at my church and God has used those parties to raise about $1500 for the beautiful, inspiring women of Ghana and providing supplies and food for precious kiddos.  God also used those two parties to plant seeds in other people’s hearts and inspire them to host parties.

My favorite thing about hosting a Party with a Purpose is that it is so simple to do and yet really makes a difference.  You don’t need to have a lot of money, time, energy to host, you don’t need to be anything other than willing to have a great night with good friends and buy some cool items.

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