So I know most of you know my story and know about FTO, but have you actually heard about my heart from me?  Probably not.  You see, I’m not a huge fan of public speaking or any of that.  I’m the girl that wants to be with the kids, loving on them and that’s it.


But over the past couple of years I’ve learned in order to help the kids, I must speak up and share.  So today, I’ve decided to write up a little note about the heart for kids that God has given me.

When I was just a little girl I loved “taking care” of kids that were younger than me.


Over the years as I’ve gotten older, my love for caring for kids has grown tremendously.  I love being with little ones, just loving on them and sharing Jesus’ love.  My heart is for the ones that have no one, that have never experienced real love, that have never heard the name of Jesus, that don’t have real families.  My heart is for the “outcasts”.

FTO Pfeiffer Sydney Karen with baby Chorkor

I know that when I get older I will work with little ones sharing Jesus’ love because that’s my heart.  I am so thankful God has given me a heart for kids and pray everyday that He will use me in big ways to further His kingdom.  I also want y’all to know I am only doing what I’m doing because of God.  He is doing it all through me, none of it is me.  It’s all because of Him that I have this heart.

FTO team Sydney and Elyon July 2013


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