The gift of food…and education

Have  you ever really thought about how some children in the world LONG to go to school?  Have you ever really thought about how some children are responsible for the care of their youngest siblings just so the mother can work?  Have you ever really thought that you can make a difference for a child in this situation?


A couple of years ago, God introduced a precious woman in the Central region of Accra to John Nyavor of Great Mission International.  She had 9 children with another one on the way and had already lost a child at a very young age because she could not properly care for all of them.  Within a month of meeting them, God also provided a youth group to provide food for ALL OF HER CHILDREN.  All of them.  ONE youth group.  And for months, that’s just what they did. They took care of a precious family in Ghana ALL BY THEMSELVES.

Central region family, 5 10:7:13


Just last week, John was able to visit this family again and deliver much needed food.  And it was heartbreaking.

Central region family, 3 10:7:13

And we listened to a video of a young girl, maybe 10 or 11 years, and she was caring for the little ones of the house so her mother could work.  When asked when she would be able to return to school she replied, “When the little ones are older.”  You see, it is her responsibility to take care of her siblings so momma can work to provide for them. All I wanted to do was scoop her up in my arms, but I cannot.

Central region family, 4 10:7:13

So, we come to you asking you to pray for this precious young girl and her family.  We need sponsors for the 9 CHILDREN.  This will enable the mother to come home from working so her daughter can go to school.  Of course, this is a temporary fix and we are praying through a long term plan.  Will you commit to praying with us for these 9 beautiful children and their mother?  Pray for them to know the love of Jesus Christ above all things, pray for God to provide SPONSORS ASAP for the children, and pray for His Holy Name to be glorified in all things.

Central region family 10:7:13 (2)

To sponsor one of the children in the CENTRAL REGION FAMILY, please click this link.  $38/month will provide food for one child and 100% of your sponsorship donation goes straight to the child.  All of it.  Join us on this journey to care for the least of these. (If you have questions, please CONTACT US here.)

CEntral region family 10:7:13

When I was hungry, you gave me food. Matthew 25:35

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