Hello, are you there?

Hello our names are “orphans”. There are so many of us, so you probably wouldn’t be able to remember all our names. Therefore just call us orphans. We are so many with no family to call our own. No food, no water, no nice clothes, no home, no love, and no Jesus. We are looked down upon even though we are ALL the same. If we don’t live in an orphanage we go searching for food, water, a place to stay, and love. We search everywhere but there is no HOPE. We feel defeated and useless. Feeling as if no one cares. We watch our friends and loved ones die of starvation or dirty water. We watch our parents die of dirty water, lack of food or AIDS. When they die we are left alone without anything. Most of us don’t live past five. Would you consider giving a little to save us? Always and forever-US.
(By Sydney)





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