A dream becomes a reality

Marvin Arthur has been a member of the Great Mission International family since the day we met him.  From that first trip in September 2010 he brought joy into our lives. Smiles to our faces.



That same year just after Christmas, he joined Jeremy and Kristin Miller for a medical assessment in a remote village. It was there that we learned of his dream. His vision. His heart.  He longed to be a cardiologist.

Jeremy and Kristin with the village children

From that day, we have watched him complete school.  Then, he began teaching  the younger kids at the home while he applied to the university and then he waited.  And waited. And waited.


The waiting is OVER!  This week, he received his acceptance letter to the nursing program.  Once he completes that, he will move on to his doctorate.  And his dream.  Praise our God! He is going to be a dr!!!!

Sydney and Marvin

When we asked him to share, this is what he said,

“As I was a child it was my dream to be a medical doctor specifically a cardiologist. I made a research about the number of Cardiologist in Ghana and to my dismay we have only about 5 Cardiologist in Ghana. Lot of people die especially in Ghana due to attack problems and also inadequate number of Cardiologist attending to many. In mathematics I will say One-to- many Function.  My Biological mother died due to heart attack, this even activated me to work towards my dream as a cardiologist. After my Nursing Training I will further on that to Degree to become whom I want to be. I want to  help people with heart problems. If my Biological mother was unfortunate then other parents must be unfortunate.”
Marvin going to school
Join us in congratulating this young man as he is following the passion our God has given him, as he starts a new journey in college next week and as he is becoming an example to all of the children at Great Mission International.  Follow your heart, your passion, your God and you can be all you dream!
A special thank you to John and Irene as they have loved Marvin so well.  He is their first son to attend the university and for that we give thanks!!  And also to Kurt and Jennifer for the difference they have made in his life!
Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.


  1. Debbie Moore says:

    Marvin…..my daughter recently met you & was impressed with your testimony & faithfulness. After prayerful consideration I believe God would be pleased with my providing you monthly support for your education. God’s blessings as you seek to serve Him as well as the people of Ghana!

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