Meet Jessica


On the day the Beebe family met Jessica, she had prayed to God in desperation.  Prayed to a God she knew would be there. Prayed because she felt she had no other choice.  She was out of money for her daughter and herself.  No help was in sight.  Her husband tragically died and she has been struggling ever since.  She still knew she could call on Him, though.  Call on the father to the fatherless, the Great Physician, the Almighty God.


Through conversation, the Beebe family learned Jessica could sew.  When they talked with her about sewing to help the children of Ghana, she was ecstatic.  Not only could she help herself, but she could help children all over Ghana have hope in her God.


Jessica, who carries her Bible with her EVERYWHERE, and even keeps it on her sewing table, trusted her God to provide for her needs.  And He did just that.  Plus more.

Jessica - FTO mom

Now, God has not only given her a job, but He has provided an avenue for ministry as well.  She has an opportunity to share the love of our God, her God, our Jesus and her Jesus to the children of Ghana as she helps us provide food, water and medicine to so many.  You see, the need is vast and the workers are few, BUT our God is a great God and He is the ultimate Provider.


Jessica currently sews aprons for FTO.   To see her products you can visit our STORE or you can host a PARTY WITH A PURPOSE.  Each purchase you make will empower Jessica to be the mom she desires to be, give her the opportunity to minister to the needs of people in her own country, plus provide food, water and medicine to children in desperate need.

Jessica and her apron - FTO Mom

Each time we enroll a new mom into our program, we need partners to journey with them.  We need people willing to invest in them financially and prayerfully.   Click GIVING now to partner with Jessica.  This will enable us to get her started with everything she needs to sew aprons for FTO.   Something so small will make a HUGE impact in the lives of Jessica and her daughter!!   This also means you will receive updates from her periodically!!

Become a part of Jessica’s  journey today!!


Phillippians 4:19 – And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.



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