Frock Free = Full Bellies

Guest blog written by Emily Fox…..the lady with the vision behind FORGET THE FROCK.  We are humbled and thankful for what God did this year through a tshirt, which turned into HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of tshirts.  


The passions of one girl… the convictions of one Mom. Friends, that’s how it started. Moved by Sydney’s story and her desire to defend the orphan, God used that to convict, push, stretch me as only He could. I didn’t set out to start anything… didn’t make plans to begin a movement. But God did. God had plans for “Forget The Frock” long before I ever decided to ditch the fancy Easter Dress.

He crossed my path with FTO.

He moved me to action.

He issued the challenge.

He stirred in your heart.

Actually, HE stirred in many hearts. From Pennsylvania to California, Oregon to Texas HE brought his people together, rallied them around something as simple as a T-shirt and together we fed babies. HIS babies.

I asked you to join us…to partner with us for $13,000 in 2013. Oh but HE had a plan so much bigger, so many more bellies that HE wanted filled. It is with absolute awe I type this final number… the 2013 total for Feeding The Orphans alone was nearly $30,000.

HE used YOU to do this. YOU, the teenager, the grandma, the pastor, the college co-ed, the young mama. He used YOU.

I love how YOU are part of the story. That it’s not just me, Jesus and some shirts. But YOU. Your stories were amazing this year! Ladies returning dresses, Grandmas sharing their shirts, Pastors challenging their congregations, Mamas challenging their friends and family. God wove YOU into the story. A story that is already beginning the next chapter as YOU make plans for 2014.

Thank YOU for being part of this story. For being willing to be used by HIM.

FORGET THE FROCK 2014, will YOU be part of HIS story?

Click HERE and HERE  to see more pics of FORGET THE FROCK 2013!

FTF 2013


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    Frock Free = Full Bellies

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