A Night Out for A Night Light

Power…electricity…light. We take them for granted. As we kiss our children goodnight and the nightlight flickers we don’t stop to think of the darkness. What our safe homes would feel like in total Darkness. How our children would react to complete Darkness.

For the children of GMI the Darkness is real…

Right now the children and staff at GMI know that each day brings another very dark night. Power, so very limited that it is only available every other day.

On the days without power the cries of terrified little ones can be heard throughout the night… Little ones bumping into one another as they wake with fear… Frantic to find comfort in the arms of an older child. Darkness.

Would you help us?

Would you consider trading in the cost of just one “Night Out” for a “Night Light?” If 30 people would commit to $50 (the average cost of dinner & a movie) we could provide GMI with the funds to purchase a Generator.

Goodbye darkness… Goodbye fear. Safety and security for such a small price.

Would you partner with us to bring a light to the night and a light to their life?

Click GIVING to partner with the children of GMI today.

O LORD, you are my light; Yes, LORD, you light up my darkness. Samuel 22:29

Children of GMI Ghana

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