An Easter "Dress" Detour

Guest blog written by Emily Fox…..the lady with the vision behind FORGET THE FROCK.  We are humbled and thankful for what God is doing through “a tshirt”, which He is turning into HUNDREDS of tshirts.  


So many of my friends and strangers are working hard to promote “Forget The Frock” this year… From North Carolina to California, Pennsylvania to Texas we are all joining forces to follow God’s command to care for the Orphan with something as simple as a T-shirt.


Red and Reds


The stories, oh the stories, that have been revealed through this movement… Teens challenging their peers, pastors challenging their churches, kids challenging their mamas. The stories. They are beautiful. A perfect picture of HIS people working together to build HIS kingdom.

But this story… This one hits close to home. She… we’ll call her “Granna.” She’s a lady who loves a new outfit and the very brightest shades of lipstick… But you see, she loves Jesus MORE. Follows HIS commands with more tenacity than vibrancy in her lipstick. So she, for the third year in a row, has laid down her fancy Easter duds…kissed tradition goodbye…and fed hungry babies with her “Easter Dress.”

But this year God had a plan… a DETOUR for her “Easter Dress.”

The FTO package arrived, the box was opened, but the size was wrong… Or so she thought. Rather than repackage for return Granna prayed… prayed God would guide her… show her a great recipient for this shirt. Hours later and many miles from home Granna found herself in the hospital visiting a friend when a sweet young girl walks in.

Conversation ensues…God moves.

It is evident that the recipient of Granna’s T-shirt is standing before her.

You see HE was there, God, working and weaving this story for HIS glory… A wrong size, a timely package, a perfectly orchestrated meeting… A committed Granna following fast after God’s plan and a young girl with a heart for God’s people.

The young girl, brave and oh so bold, is taking a step of faith, challenging her church to flee from their cultural norm, their desire for things that have no eternal value, to love others more than the sound of, “Oh, I just love your outfit,” and stand up to care for the least of these.

Miss Callie Parker in all her 17 year old glory, dressed in “Granna’s shirt” is now a voice crying out for the Fatherless, from the deep hills of Eastern Kentucky.


  1. Laura Fox says:

    You, Sydney, Emily, and a whole host of believers make a great team! Of course I loved the story, lol!!!
    Isn’t Emily just the bomb????
    Thanks to all of you, you go O’Learys, feed those babies!!!! .

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