On Mission for the "Great Mission"

Great Mission International is a home to 50+ kids.  A shelter.  A place to be loved.  A family run by John and Irene Nyavor, a beautiful couple dedicated to loving the least of these in their own country of Ghana.  Every person who walks through the GMI gates can immediately sense the love of Jesus and can see the laughter of so many little and big ones.  Every person is always touched by being in their presence.  A friend said to us once, “Inside these walls is an orphanage, but honestly it just feels like one big, happy FAMILY.”  And that is just what they are.  Family.


Right now the Nyavors and the chilren of GMI need your help.  The rent for their property is due in May.  However, in Ghana rent works so differently than here in America.  It is always paid two years at a time and unfortunately it can increase significantly at a moment’s notice.  Their landlord has increased theirs to $1,000 per month so $24,000 for two years AND has announced it is due immediately.  This is where you come in.  First, we need you to pray over these precious chidlren, young and old, and that God will provide for them once again.  Second, share with everyone you know.  And third, if God prompts you to GIVE click this LINK.


480 families giving $50 will completely fund the rent for this FAMILY.  This could be as simple as skipping Starbucks a few times or not going out to dinner as a family.  In the end, ANY amount is needed and nothing is too small.  In the words of Richard, one of the oldest boys who has grown up at GMI, “As I was praying for the rent and all the donors this morning, God laid on my heart that no amount is too small.”




I always loved being at GMI and climbing trees with the kids.  I had so much fun there and always felt safe. – Joseph, age 8 (adopted from a different orphanage)


The kids at GMI always have a smile on their face. – Keenan, age 12


The day I walked into GMI (then known as CKO) I could tell it was a safe haven for the kids and I knew I would always call it HOME. –Sydney (founder of Feeding the Orphans)


I would like to first of all THANK everyone who has been beside us during all kind of situation and could only ask God to reward you very much for your great doing.  I had a long talk with the landlord on phone today and hesaid the agreement said the retn of two years should be paid prior time when the tenant wants to renew teh agreement or the facility could be given to anyone who comes up with the full payment of the rent.  I know it is very hard to ask all the time, but we do not receive if we fail to ask so I am pleading with evryone from every corner of life to just step in and give us any little support since all little things make tremendous impacts.  Thanks to you all and contact FTO for this GMI rent. – John Nyavor (founder of Great Mission International)


But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret.  And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. – Matthew 6:3-4



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