As I follwed Naomi through the market my heart broke as I saw so many kids from the ages of 1 to 14.


They all have heartbreaking stories like this one.


But today I have decided to to share Naomi’s stoy.  She is about 7 or 8 years old.  She lives with her Dad, her sister and her sister’s baby in a shed smaller than a bathroom.

As we continued to follow her we pulled out the camera and tried to take a picture of her sister’s baby and a few other kids but everytime we were about to take it they started screaming and ran away.

They thought the camera was some kind of weapon we were told.  There are so many kids just like Naomi.  Will you help us help them in Jesus’ name???


As I listened to Righ talk about their trip to the market, my heart was broken in half. These children are sons and daughters to people who work at the market.  Many of them have no home.  They have nothing.  They run through the  market day in and day out while their parents or siblings “work” for barely nothing.  They scrounge for leftovers to maybe find nothing.  They are called “squatters” and live in houses that are 5×5.  Yes, that’s right 5 feet by 5 feet.  My bathroom is bigger than that.  Yet this is Naomi’s home.  Her place of rest for her plus three other people.  God led Righ, Sydney and Keenan along with Richard Wendo to this market the other day as one of John Nyavor’s friends has a heart for these children.  She attempts to pull these precious little ones out of the market to give them an education.  A free education.  Their greatest need?  FOOD.  Simple, basic food to feed them lunch every day.  A way to nourish their bodies.  So will you join us in making a difference in their lives?  The life of a child.  The life of God’s child. ~ Kristie


Whatever you did unto the least of these, you did unto me – Matthew 25:40

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