a new roof and Jesus

I sat down tonight to type this post. Started it. Deleted it. Started it again. Over and over. For some reason, the words just would not come. I wanted them to be His words about His ministry and about His outreach, but there was nothing. Then, I looked out my door to see my 5 youngest treasures jumping on the trampoline, but I only saw four. My youngest, baby Bless (who isn’t such a baby anymore since he’s 2 1/2 years) was walking onto the porch crying. He had probably gotten trampled a little in the big kid game and wanted out. That’s not what stoppped me, though. It was the sad way he was tiliting his head and just standing there crying. As I opened the door, he had a look of “what will I do” on his face. He was starting to turn and walk away with a hopeless look on his face because he could not see me coming. My heart was broken, but not really for him. For all the others. You see, that precious baby is loved. Adored. Doted upon. He is the youngest of 7…you get what I mean. However, as I saw his little face, I thought of the millions of others. Some little, some big. Children that have no one.

I scooped my little guy into my arms with tears streaming down his cheeks (like so many of us mothers will do) and comforted him. Assured him he was ok. Almost immediately he stopped. We sat back down in the chair because I was determined to write what God needed me to. Nothing.

Only as Bless started asking to listen to music, did it hit me. Only as I turned on one of his favorite songs, “Can’t Get Over You”, did the tears start flowing. Only as I watched him worship God with his little hands, did my heart break completely open. As I sang that song with my arm wrapped around Bless and peered into his little face, I was overcome with emotion for the millions of little ones around the world longing to have what my son does. A momma. A daddy. A family. Love. Security. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

And suddenly, the faces I saw in my mind are ones I have never seen in person. They are what I imagine the children of Ningo, a village in Ghana look like. My precious friend serving in Ghana, Robin has written me emails about this community and it breaks me every time and I just received these words from her husband, Reid, a few days ago.

Many of the children in Ningo, where the mission of Palace Chapel International is located, are forced to work due to the poverty of the area. School is a privilege in Ningo. Some of the children travel alone to remote areas of Ghana while school is out in order to work and earn enough money to return to school when they re-open. The children that remain in Ningo typically work on fishing boats or farms.

While poverty may seem like their greatest challenge, the overwhelming majority of people in Ningo are enslaved to idol worship. It is not unusual for very young teenage girls to work as prostitutes and this is not something that brings shame in this community. Ningo is physically poor and spiritually dark.

Really? Young girls. As I talked to Reid on the phone I asked the ages of the “young girls” . 13. 14. Sydney’s age. My daughter’s age. I cannot even imagine. Broken.

There is a Ghanaian pastor named Fred who has a deep heart for this village. He has a church called Palace Chapel International and the Beebes worship with them most Sundays. Robin’s words on her blog post (that you can read HERE) are “the men leading this church are truly missionaries within their own country”. They are trying to spread the Gospel throughout this village. They are gathering to worship under the trees each Sunday morning as they pray for the lost in the community, as they pray for the young girls enduring what they are and they pray for Jesus to spread like wildfire in this (predominantly) idol worshipping community. They are reaching out and we are asking you to reach out with them.

When Reid and Robin first started speaking of Ningo, our hearts were burdened. We have joined them (and others) in praying for the people of this village, but our hearts wanted to do more. But what? What did God have? Only He knew and we must wait. And only God could lay out such an amazing plan for an outreach. You see, Pastor Fred approached Reid with a vision God gave him.

An outreach…..”Save A Sinking Soul.”


And that is what it will be. Next Saturday, September 15th FTO will join Palace Chapel International in spreading the Gospel to this village. We will provide food and clothing to 150 children and we will serve alongside this Ghanaian church in loving their people. We will be the hands and feet of our Lord Jesus Christ. And suddenly, I can see those little faces in my mind with arms wrapped around them. I can see them receiving a new dress to replace the tattered ones, pillowcase dresses you have sent. Ones that you have prayed over going onto the bodies of “young girls” who long to be just that. I see little boys receiving their new shoes and their eyes filling with joy at something so simple. I see people praising Him for Bibles you have sent. The Word of God. His Truth. I see young and old coming to know our Jesus and realizing the infinite love He has for them as they are receiving basic needs that so many lack.

Once again, though, there is an opportunity for you to be a part. This church

needs a roof. Pastor Fred would love for it to be completed by next Saturday so they can worship under the shelter. $1400. That’s all we need and it is finished. Believers coming together on this side of the ocean to provide a roof for a church on the other side. Something so simple would mean so much.

And the least of these need clothing. Clothing to replace the ones they currently wear with gaping holes.

Matthew 25:36 – I was naked and you clothed me,

$6 to sponsor a girl with new sandals to go with her pillowcase dress (that you have already provided).
$10 to sponsor a boy who will receive new shorts, shirt and sandals.

Something so simple can mean so much.

And lastly, feeding the hungry.  $300 will provide food that day.

Filling their bellies so they can better hear the Gospel of our Jesus. Once again, being His hands and feet.

If you would like to be a part of what is happening in Ningo, most importantly please join us in praying that hearts will be open to receiving Jesus. And if you would like to help us clothe the naked and feed the hungry, click GIVING and designate As Needed: Ningo outreach with one of the following specific needs

  • church roof
  • food
  • clothing a child

Help us help Palace Chapel International bring hope to the hungry and shine the light of Jesus in this dark place.

Romans 10:14 – How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?


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