Change for a Change

Imagine a 4 year old boy in charge of fetching water day in and day out for his family.  Or a 10 year old girl who longs to go to school, but she cannot because her job is to make sure her family has water each day.  Or a woman that is 8 months pregnant walking back and forth down a dirt road as her back is aching just so she can quench the thirst of her young child. And the water?  It is dirty.  Muddy brown water filled with parasites and mosquitoes and infested with frogs and tadpoles.  A reality for so many.  A harsh reality.

The village of Paulkrom is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Africa.  A village populated with mostly farmers, a basic school and no clinic.  The only source of water is a huge hole they dug using farming tools to collect rainwater, which has now become a pond.  During the rainy season, they fetch their water from this insect infested pond.  Everyone suffers water-borne illnesses from drinking this unclean water, but the children suffer more.  Their little bodies cannot bear it.  They are infested with parasites, ringworm and ridden with diarrhea.  This pond, their only water source, dries out COMPLETELY during the dry season.  Because of this the villagers have to walk MILES to various neighboring villagers for water.  MILES.  Can you imagine?

This is where YOU can make a difference.  You can be the CHANGE.

You can collect CHANGE FOR A CHANGE from now until November 4, 2012, Orphan Sunday.  Join us as we challenge children, families, small groups, youth groups, cub scouts, whole churches or anyone else to get an empty water bottle and cut a hole in the side.  Collect as many coins as you can and imagine as each coin drops in that it is a drop of water.  Water for life.

A water well in Ghana costs approximately $10,000.  During last year’s Change for a Change campaign we were blown away by the generous support of donors like you!  We exceeded our goal of one borehole and were able to drill two water wells.  This year our goal is THREE, but we need your help!!  Join us this year and make a difference in the life of a child by helping to give them hope, a future, health, education and most importantly WATER FOR LIFE.  You see, FTO has partnered with Meaningful Life International and we are dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Meaningful Life International, a ministry outreach in Ghana, not only coordinates the local well driller, but they also maintain follow-up with each village to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide them with the true Living Water.  Many times a water well is the first step in bringing Jesus to a village.  Partner with us this Orphan Sunday as we help prevent the orphan crisis, ONE CHILD AT A TIME.

Click BEEBE to read a post our missionary friends wrote a few weeks ago about HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?  Honestly, choosing a village that will receive the gift of clean water is very difficult.  That’s why we need you to help us spread the word.  CONTACT us if you have any questions or if you would like to be a state representative for this year’s campaign. Also, please let us know if you have a group participating. We will be updating the website with the group name and state and also posting on the Orphan Sunday website.


John 4:14 – But those who drink the WATER I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them ETERNAL LIFE.



You can download the C4AC flyer to distribute by clicking C4AC 2012 pdf.



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