The Spirit of Adoption

This video is so close to our hearts as we have walked the path to growing our family twice through adoption.  Four beautiful children have changed our lives. Some of it has been easy and some of it has been harder than we ever thought imaginable.  The pain, the hurt they suffer will not go away quickly.  It may never go away.  However, your life will never be the same.  And the hard stuff?  It is so worth it.  THEY are worth it.  Be a part today.  Open your home, your arms, your heart and watch God do an amazing work in you, your children and everyone around you.




 Psalm 68:6 – God sets the lonely in families.


This video was produced by one of our volunteers, Lola Crain, who served in an orphanage in Ghana, Africa for 9 months. She lived life with these children as they waited for their forever families to bring them home.  Amazingly, most of the children are now living in Knoxville, TN with the exception of 2 families living in California, 1 living in Alabama and one who has been called back to serve God’s children in Ghana as missionaries for two years.  


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