A concrete feather bed

As we walked through our first adoption process two summers ago, we hit delay upon delay.  Each week we were told we would go to court the next week.  Each week we had renewed hope.  Each week we drew closer to God because only He could sustain us.  We stared and prayed over these two photos for hours.



Through that waiting, God gave us a peace that only He could offer.  Then, He laid the song, Amos Story, upon my heart by Aaron Ivey.  This amazing musician even granted us permission to make this video to his song and God spoke to me each time I watched it.


Little did I know the truth wrapped in the verse about “sleepless night on a concrete feather bed”.  You see, my little ones (like millions around the world) slept on the concrete floor for almost a year longing for a soft place to lay.  Longing for a blanket.  Longing for warmth. And my heart was broken as I listened to Samuel telling his story.


Today, there are 25 orphans living at Great Mission International – Togo and they need a bed.  A soft place to sleep at night.  Will you help us make a difference in their life today and bring them joy unspeakable that comes from something so simple as a mattress?


The GMI/FTO team is traveling to Togo today and it would be an incredible blessing for them to be able to purchase mattresses TODAY!!!  How can we do this?  We need 25 people to donate $28 and it will be done!!  Join us today by clicking DONATE!!



Psalm 9:10 – Those who know your name put their trust in you, for you O Lord,  have not forsaken those who seek You.

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