A blessing in a cup

It is no surprise to anyone that many orphans suffer or have suffered from malnutrition. Sometimes it is severe, but in other cases it is minor.  Either way as an organization, it is our desire to fight for these kids and their developmental growth.


A few weeks ago, Terra Biotech approached us with a tremendous opportunity.  Through their ONE2ONE program, they distribute a nutrient rich Kid’s Core Vitamin Powder free of charge to children around the world facing malnutrition.  They immediately chose to partner with us and within two weeks we shipped pounds upon pounds of the powder to Ghana.


The children of Great Mission International receive a cupful of powder mixed with water everyday and our volunteers are working hard to chart their growth.


In addition, the newly rescued fishing slaves of City of Refuge Ministries are also partaking in this study.

It is our desire to increase the amount of children who can benefit from this tremendous program!


We are thankful to Terra Biotech for their partnership and love for the children of the world.  We ask that you pray for the children around the world today that are suffering from malnutrition.


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