Another God story…

A few weeks ago, a little boy named Rapheal came across our screen from our dear friends at City of Refuge Ministries.  We were forever changed.  And so were so many others.  A blog post was written and people willingly shared this little boy’s story with others.


Then, we received an email from a gentlemen who was touched. However, he wanted to make sure his donation would go to the children instead of a huge portion to admin.  Our answer was ABSOLUTELY!   What is given for the children goes to the children!


Then, on June 6 we needed $5,406 to complete the SAFE HOUSE.  Complete it…we were so close.  Just a little farther. As we watched donations roll in that brought the total down to $5,046 we were excited.  Then, nothing.  It was a standstill for 2 days.  As I sat in my chair on the morning of June 8, I asked God what He wanted us to do. We would do it, we just needed some direction.  Then, ever so clearly, I heard Him say, “Nothing.  It is for Me to do.”  Yes, Lord, it is.  This is for You, for Your Glory. It is Your ministry and we are simply following and obeying.  I gave it over to him.  Again.  Because that’s what I must simply do so many times, just give it back to Him.


Complete and utter peace overwhelmed me as I realized He had it and the money for 18 child fishing slaves to have a home would be there.  He had it and He was waiting.


A couple of hours later I opened an email and tears flowed down my cheeks.  Yes, He had done it again. He had shown me His tremendous love and His perfect timing.


The same man that had wondered about our admin expenses wrote this:


We want to let you know three things.

First, we are sending an email out to our company employees (my wife, has a speech pathology practice with about 60 employees) letting them know that we’ll match (dollar for dollar, up to $5,000 in total contributions) any contribution they want to make to FTO. 

For some reason, I wanted to tell you this today.


That “some reason” was Jesus.  You see, that morning we needed $5,046 to complete the Safe House and this man had no idea!  He gave what our God told him to give, which was just what those precious children needed.


Psalm 27:14 – Wait for the Lord; be strong, take courage and wait for the Lord.




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