Two of the 18 boys that will make this house a HOME have already been rescued and they NEED their house finished!!!  Here’s Autumn’s story about Benard and Rapheal.

So, we interviewed families and heard story after story and we prayed for discernment on who should come and who should stay.  And we ended up bringing one little boy with us.

Benard is eight years old.  His front teeth still growing in and knobby knees, Benard spent 5 years on the lake until he was brought back to live with his sister when his parents died sometime last year.  He had been sent to the lake when he was 3.  You can still see the effects on his body…parasites in his belly, ringworm on his head and skin, and no schooling or language skills.  His sister came with us to see what he lives so she can come visit again.

After the education in that village, we headed back to Laloyna to pick up Rapheal, who we identified last week and wanted to pick up with us this week.

Rapheal is somewhere between 10 and 12 years old.  His parents moved to Cameroon and left him with his great-grandparents, his guardians all over 90 years old and one of them blind.  When we approached them about Rapheal, they said that he hadn’t lived there in over six months.  He had been homeless, begging for food from local film crews filiming for a Ghana film somewhere down the ocean side.  But, he has happy to be coming with us yesterday, turning in his seat in our bus and giving me a thumbs up on the ride home.

And when I came over this morning to say hello to the kids, the best greeting to start my day was Rapheal’s smile as he flew at me with a good morning hug.  And Benard’s timid way, telling DK that it was the first time he had ever used a tooth brush.  And the joy I saw as they played football with the school kids during break.  And their goofy laughs as they looked at videos on Edgar’s phone from earlier in the day.

This is what it’s all about…



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