God answers prayers

Almost 18 months ago, we “met” a sweet little boy that came into one of the orphanages we partner with in Ghana.  His smile will steal anyone’s heart and it usually does.  This little boy has watched so many of his friends be adopted. He watches them receive a package from their new parents. He watches those parents walk through the gate to meet his friends for the first time.  Then, he watches those friends leave with their new family.  And him?  He just longs to have a forever family of his own.  He prays constantly for that.  He longs for a mommy and a daddy.


On our last trip to Ghana in March on our last night, I noticed this little boy seemed especially sad as Sydney and Keenan were saying goodbye to all the kids.  I watched him look at the ground and then Keenan came to tell me this little guy was very upset.  As I knelt in front of him, I could see the tears silently falling from his face.  I kept asking what was wrong. Are you hurt?  Did someone hurt your feelings?  Please tell me and let me help you.  He looked into my eyes with tears coming faster and said, “I just want a mommy and a daddy of my own.”


And my tears came. I watched Keenan and Sydney put their arms around his shoulders and my heart was broken.  Broken for a sweet little boy who knows he is loved beyond measure in his orphanage, but longs for a family ALL HIS OWN. I cupped his little face in my hands and promised him he would have a family. God would send them to him very, very soon.  I told him to keep praying because God hears our prayers and He answers them.  Then, we all hugged this special young man and walked away.  One of the hardest things I have ever done.  I prayed as we walked for God to answer his prayers.


Well, we were just one family seeking God on the behalf of this little boy. As I said before, his smile will melt your heart and he has quite the fan club.  Here’s a story about one family (though there are SO MANY OTHERS) that prayed diligently for this little man.


As you might remember, my two children attend classes taught by Mrs. B at Thursday connection.  Several months ago our daughter came home and told me about a little boy whom Mrs. B had told the class about.  Apparently, he was one of a few children who had not been adopted while he watched several other children be placed with families.  When Caroline (my daughter)  looked him up and showed me his picture, I was heart broken.  We have prayed for him together every morning, by name, for these past four months.

Two weeks ago my father saw a new doctor and during the visit learned this man ‘s family was in the process of adopting a boy from Ghana.  My mother had an apopointment with this same doctor a few days later so Caroline loaded her down with questions about the adoption as well as the children at Lake Volta .  He was very surprised by her questions but excited to share his family’s experience.  He also told her their new son’s name.

Not until this morning as we were praying did I put it all together.  As Caroline prayed aloud for this little boy to get a new family, I thought to myself  “He already has a family” , and I got it!!!!!

Yes, it’s the same little boy.  The little boy we have been praying would get a family and the little boy we have just started praying for who has been given a new family here in our city is the same boy!  We had been double praying for him and never put it together.

We are so excited for this little boy and his family.  We are so pleased God chose to let us know in this way how he hears prayers as we joined with others in praying for this little boy.  We are so touched.

 I must admit that my daughter has since said, “Mom, if we prayed for this little boy to get a new family and he did, why don’t we pray our orphans get one too?”.   (“Our orphans” are those whom we sponsor monthly , plus a few that we have fallen in love with from the website.)  We have been praying for them in every way but that.  Our God is so sweet to let us know about this little boy in this way.  It is such an encouragement.  


So my encouragement to you today is to know our God answers prayers.  Pray over those little pictures. Pray for hearts to be broken for what breaks our Father’s heart. Pray for families to say YES to adoption.  Pray for the hearts of millions around the world tonight who just want a mommy and a daddy.


God sets the lonely in families – Psalm 68:6


  1. This just brings tears to my eyes. So wonderfully cool!

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