"Forgetting the Frock"

So many people joined us this Easter in raising orphan awareness and providing food, water and medicine to children in need by skipping the fancy Easter dresses (like I wore as a child) for orphan shirts.  Here is just one youth group that was challenged.

Here’s the letter they received from their youth minister:

“Lindsay spoke to our students last night and in the course of her message she was sharing what God has been laying on her heart. She spoke of a challenge that one of her friends extended to her. It deals with Easter Sunday. On Easter, many of us have our traditions whether it be an egg hunt, easter basket, family dinner, etc. Perhaps the biggest tradition is getting an outfit to wear to church on Easter Sunday. Let me be clear, there isn’t anything wrong with those things. However, this year the Prather family has accepted the challenge to Forget the Frock. We are forgoing our “Easter outfits” for orphans. 

Several years back, a 7 year old girl wanted to do something for orphans. She made t-shirts and sold them. Her goal was to raise $500 to feed orphans. She exceeded her goal and went to Africa with her parents to accomplish her vision. Since then she has led her family with God’s guidance to start Feeding the Orphans. Check the website and read Sydney’s story “(www.feedingtheorphans.org).”
Many accepted that challenge among this group and this is what it looked like on Easter morning.  Thank you for being such an incredible blessing to God’s children!!!

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