I am forever changed

Two years ago today I said “WHY SHOULD WE EAT LIKE KINGS AND QUEENS WHEN THEY HAVE NOTHING?”.  It has forever changed me and I am so glad.  I have been to Ghana 4 times and have wonderful, amazing memories of Ghana. I saw so many things that I will never forget.  I had the privilege of loving orphans. I remember when the kids at one of the orphanages sang a song to me the day we were leaving Ghana.  I will never forget the little helpless eyes staring at mine.  My heart was broken as they sang to me.   I thought who knows what they’ve been through???  Who knows how much they’ve suffered???  Who knows if anyone has ever loved them or told them “I love you”.  Who knows if they’ve ever been hugged or kissed.  Every child should hear the words “I love you” and every child should be loved.  I remember playing “tickle” with the orphans.  They would sneak up, tickle me, and run. Then I would tickle them.   I remember playing tag and soccer.  It was all so much fun.  I remember going to church with them.  I remember singing and dancing with them.  I will never forget the moments I spent with the orphans.  I will treasure them forever.  Ghana will always feel like my “home” even though I live here.

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How can you help us help the orphans?  SPONSOR A CHILD, shop at the STORE, or DONATE to help us build a “Safe House” for 18 fishing slaves (we still need $14,000 ASAP).  There are so many things you can do to help.  I know you can do just ONE thing to help these kids.  I know you can give up just ONE thing to save a child’s life.  I challenge you to make a difference today in the life of ONE.

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