The face of a child

What does the face of a child slave look like?  Just like any other child.


We met this very special young man about 18 months ago.  He captured my heart from the first minute I laid eyes upon him.  My 3 year old, Aiden, became crazy about him.  I watched DK chase him around the courtyard, both of them giggling constantly.  I watched them play when they could not speak the same language.  I listened to DK’s story and how he had been rescued just a couple of months before.  And my heart broke.  It broke for the life DK had led, for the suffering he had endured.  Then, as I looked at him, I thanked God for rescuing him, for breaking the hearts of Johnbull and Stacy for child fishing slaves on Lake Volta, for the way He introduced us at the mall and for sending Jesus to this earth so we may have a better life.  I realized then that God had given DK a family.  Yes, that’s right. A FAMILY.  He would be safe now.  Protected.  No longer beaten or starved.  No more diving for fishing nets.  He would learn that he is a son of a Heavenly Father by living at City of Refuge Ministries as a child of Johnbull and Stacy.

And here is DK now.  A child of God.

The truth is there are approximately 7,000 more “DKs” living on Lake Volta RIGHT NOW.  Right this minute.  Living a life no person, let alone a child, should have to live.  You can make a difference for them.

The children of City of Refuge are playing their part.  They lived that life and are now FREE, a part of a family.  And they are making bracelets for us to sell to help build a SAFE HOUSE.



So, it’s that simple.  Click STORE to purchase yours today and let it be a reminder of the suffering and the redemption. Let it be a reminder to pray and advocate for the children living in slavery around the world today.  And be reminded that a child made it to help another child.





Let it be a reminder of the children who have been rescued and for the ones longing to be.


If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to the SAFE HOUSE, please click DONATE.


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