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Yesterday as we opened the mail, we received a donation in honor of a dear friend’s grandmother that just left this world to join our King in eternity. I was humbled as I read her note.  The donation was to be used by our volunteer in Ghana, Lola, for whatever she needed for Assurance of Hope Orphanage.

This morning when Lola called and we were discussing the donation she told me she wanted to purchase Bibles, God’s word, to give to the older children that she has grown so fond of.  The children she has lived life with for the last 6 months. The children she has come to love as her own. The children she is already grieving over and she still has three months left with them.  Her heart’s desire was to present each child with their own Bible, pray over them and continue to teach them that God is the only true way to live.




One small problem, Bibles are very expensive in Ghana.  I “just happened” to be on an errand with one very special little boy and driving right past a Christian bookstore while talking to Lola. By chance?  No, it was God.


Lola told me she would need 25 Bibles so little Bless and I walked in the store.  Sitting right in front was an assortment of them.  Pink, blue, brown, purple.  They were perfect and calling the names of the children in Ghana who for the first time would have their very own Bible.  And the price?  $5 each.  As I read the sign, I was amazed and astounded at God’s goodness, His graciousness, His plan, the way He had laid on Lola’s heart to give each child a Bible and the way He put me near the bookstore when I am rarely in that area.


You see, the donation was for $125 and to purchase those 25 Bibles at $5/each ended up being $125.  He is in the little stuff….and the BIG STUFF.  He always has a plan and we just need to heed His call, His nudge.  It started with one person writing a check for an amount, a volunteer in Ghana obeying His whisperings to present Bibles to His precious children and placing me next to that store.


So, next week these Bibles will be delivered to 25 children who are fatherless, but will come to know they truly are not fatherless.  Will you join us in praying over each of them that they will see the love of Jesus and they will follow Him in each day when it does not seem to make sense?  Pray  for these orphans as they seek their Heavenly Father.


John 8:12 – When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

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