A van for Great Mission International

Many of you know John and Irene Nyavor.  You have met them and watched them love the fatherless of Ghana.  You have watched them obey God’s calling upon their lives and give of themselves.  You have looked into their eyes and seen the true passion they have for each child living under their roof.  As parents to many, they need a car. They need transportation to be able to take their children to receive medical care when needed, to purchase food, to take their kids to the beach for a fun afternoon.  They need a van to travel to Togo where they also run another orphanage and they need transportation to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to remote villages.


Someone has generously made a donation of $5,000 toward a new van for GMI-Ghana.  John has found a van, but he still needs to raise $1,250 to be able to pick it up.  If you would like to make a donation toward a van for GMI-Ghana, please click DONATE.


Thank you so much for prayerfully considering how God wants you to help today!


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