East Cobb Christian School

East Cobb Christian School outside of Atlanta, Georgia had so much fun collecting their coins for CHANGE FOR A CHANGE.  Their total?  Over $1,600!!!!

The kindergarten class pouring their change into buckets

The third grade class displaying their “change”

The first grade class trying to pick up all of their coins….HEAVY!!!!!!

Mrs. Ficarrotta’s 2nd grade class displaying their coins!!!

And buckets lined up full of coins….imagine you can see clean water because every coin goes to drilling a water well in the village of Mawoekpo, Ghana!!  The children who once walked 5 miles in the dry season will no longer walk!  They will not worry about becoming sick each time they drink. They will be given clean water EVERY DAY!!!  They will be given the love of Jesus, they will be given WATER FOR LIFE.

For when I was thirsty, you gave me a drink.

– Matthew 25:35





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