Guess where I am…

I’m sitting here in Ghana about to pop i’m so excited!!!  Today we arrived in Ghana, then we went to our hotel got settled in, then someone brought my brothers to us, we headed off to GMI Ghana so another friend with us could meet her kids and from there, we went to Southern Fried Chicken (Food is so good!), we went back to the hotel to hang out.  Tomorrow we hope to visit a few of the orphanages, but we only want to do what God wants us to do.  I am so excited to be back in the country I fell in love with.  I’ve missed everyone so much! To see our in country volunteer wave at us from across the Airport made my day! 🙂 (We are so excited to be in Ghana with Emily Marshall!!!).  God has blessed me with the most amazing brothers in the world.  We are enjoying them so much!!!  To walk into one of the orphanages and have the kids running around and laughing made my heart happy.  I was so excited when I finally got to hug all of God’s precious children.  Will try to post pics later, but for now i’m off to bed.  🙂 Please keep us in your prayers!  Thanks!!!


  1. Becky Weber says:

    I’am so touched and blessed to have been looking throught the feeding the orphans website! I read several comments, watched all your videos and what was most touching and warming was how Christ just over flows from your heart! You are an amazing child of God with the passion and desire for the orphans.

    We are currently adoptiong from Ghana as well through AAI. We are actually just months away from bringing him home! We are so excitied to finally have our boy home. I loved seeing the pictures that were posted on Facebook today of you and your mom meeting your brothers today! I wept when I saw them…how exciting!!! I love reading and hearing about others that have the same passion, love and desire for the unfathered. Evans is our first adoption but something tells me he won’t be the last! God Bless you and your family and we will keep you guys in our prayers.

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