I am sure all of you have heard that Christ Outreach got flooded and lost everything last week.  The  orphanage had been out of food and water and some of the kids were sleeping on the concrete floors.  People are stepping up to help them.  It is so sad and we want to help them, too.  I challenge you on Wednesday to not eat lunch and donate the money you would use for lunch to the kids so we can purchase food and water for them.  I also challenge you on Friday to eat beans and rice as a family for dinner.  The kids eat beans and rice almost every day and they might go days without eating, but we want to change that.  We are partnering with Compassionate Journeys so we can make sure they have enough food and water until the orphanage is back on its feet.  Their director is going to be in Ghana for the next two months which will be a tremendous help.


You can donate here.  Please pray about helping these kids.  They have been through so much.  Even a little is a lot.  You could be such a blessing to the kids.  You just have to step up.  Will you???


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