Kids Helping Kids

Last week, I received this from a friend in Dibble, Oklahoma.

Connor has a goal of filling this bucket with his CHANGE FOR A CHANGE.  A whole bin full of coins to help provide clean water for the people of Mawoekpo.


Tonight we had dinner with new friends in Greenback, TN and we brought this home.

Their 8, 7 and 2 year old children have had so much fun collecting coins.

These children and so many more are working hard to provide clean water to the village of Mawoekpo, Ghana.  They are making a difference in the lives of so many children and their parents.  They are ensuring these precious faces no longer have to walk miles and miles to fetch dirty water.

Orphan Sunday is one week from tomorrow.  It’s not too late to order a shirt to wear!!  Let’s fill our churches with orphan care shirts and provide food, water and medicine to children in need.  If you have stories or pictures to share with us, email them here.  THANK YOU FOR BEING A BLESSING!!


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