More than a year ago, I saw this pic on a friend’s blog and my heart was broken.

As I read the story of a mom who desperately loved her 4 beautiful children, I was touched.  As I learned the truth of this woman, God broke me.  He took me to a place of love even though I had never laid eyes upon this mother in Ghana.  You see, she was trying so hard to provide for her children when the father left them.  She would leave early in the mornings to sell smoked fish and return late at night.  She still was not able to provide enough for them so she decided to sacrifice. She loved her children so much that she wanted to “give them up” for a better life.  She approached one of the orphanage directors that she knew she could trust and told him, “Please, take my children.”  Instead, he found a way for her to be the mother she so desired.


We received these pictures a year ago and immediately God provided them with a sponsor.









What great joy it brought us to send the email to the contact for him to tell Mary she and her children had a sponsor!!

However, at this point, we come to you searching for a new sponsor.  With the economy, Mary and her kids no longer have that sponsor, but they have our God.  And He loves them, adores them so much more than we can imagine.  So as you scroll through these pictures, ask God to break your heart for these children and the millions just like them around the world.  Ask Him to protect the mothers around the world fighting to actually BE A MOTHER because they love their children so much!!!  Ask God to provide ways for them and ask Him to send His servants.

Kingsley - October 2011


Jacob - October 2011


Emmanuella - October 2011


Benjamin - October 2011


I pray Mary and her children will touch your life the way they have mine, even from thousands of miles away.  And I am so excited to FINALLY meet a mother I have thought of and prayed over for a year.  When we travel to Ghana, I will get to hug her neck, kiss her children, tell her Jesus loves them all, and tell her she is fearfully and wonderfully made.  Oh, I pray that day will be soon!!

Taken a week ago


Also taken a week ago


For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. – Jeremiah 29:11


Huge thank you to Project Global Hope for reaching out to us with Mary’s story a year ago. 

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