Sydney's heart and an update

This journey began to Africa as God broke Sydney’s heart for the orphans there.  He consumed her with the thoughts of them, the pictures of utter and complete hunger, desperation, longing in their eyes. He fueled that fire as we traveled to Ghana last year and spent two weeks ministering to the children of Ghana.


He put a desire in her heart to return quickly and that was answered soon as we were called to travel to bring Samuel and Helen to their forever family.  Sydney had worked so hard for her own plane ticket.  He provided that for her and she was in her paradise again, loving the children, visiting them, hugging them and sharing the smile He gave her.


It has been almost  a year since she traveled to the country she loves so much, the country in her heart, in her soul.  I have read about things like this before, but now I truly understand it.  Her pain and longing are both so real.  Her dad traveled in March and she begged to go. We said, “No, we will travel soon for our adoption.”  As the FTO mission trip approached and she was to be a part of it, we realized we would be traveling soon for our adoption and couldn’t afford both trips.  We reassured her it would happen soon.  We would pass court soon and she would be able to travel back to the children.  So here we sit and it is mid-October and she is still waiting.  My heart hurts for her, breaks for her.  When I opened my email this morning to learn our court date scheduled for THIS FRIDAY was being postponed till November, I cried.  I long to be with my boys, but I knew Sydney would be discouraged.  I did not even want to tell her.


Tonight she was able to share her heart.  Her words?  “I wish I were old enough to go live with Emily while she’s there.  Being 12 and not able to GO stinks, Mom.”  So, tonight will you pray with me that God will lead her, He will continue to break her heart for what breaks His, He will instill a passion like none other in so many around the world, that He will grant us a court date (and travel) to Ghana in His perfect timing and that Sydney will understand that?


On another note, God always provides in the most amazing ways.  As He opened the door for us to branch into Nicaragua with food, water and the love of Jesus, we were excited. Two weeks ago, we prayed and knew we were to step out in faith even though not many of the children had a sponsor.   We sent $500 to purchase food for the entire home, enough for them to have protein and milk.  The director was touched and said her children had never eaten so well.  We pray this is the beginning to a beautiful relationship and a chance to spread the love of Jesus.  Today, as we were deciding what to send again, we were hesitant on the $500.  You see, still only three children have a food sponsor.  However, God is amazing and He provides!!!  We opened the mailbox and there sat a check for $1,000.  He told us to send it and then He provided it.  I love watching Him show His love and being able to share that with others.


Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the GMI-Ghana Vocational project!!! Three sewing machines were purchased this week and the women will begin sewing soon. This is an amazing opportunity for single mothers to be able to be the mothers they long to be.


James 1:27 – Religion that is pure and undefiled is this, to care for ORPHANS and WIDOWS in their distress.

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